Village Line Auto Body - Trusted Auto and Car Restoration Shop in Long Island

Unfortunately, by any means your car meets a collision; the best long island collision services hold its pride to repair it. Village Line Auto Body has the skilled and well-trained mechanics to restore your collided car in its original state. Our state of the art facility is equipped with the very best technology. Our experts will remove dents; fill, grind, and sand affected areas; and apply matching paint to your car’s body.

We do restore the structural integrity of your damaged vehicle during the repair process and make it beautiful as it was earlier.


We are not only expertise in collision service, but also in restoring your vintage car as it was then. If you are tired looking at your loved old car and can’t find any way to fix it, then search for ‘Auto Restoration in Long Island’. Village Line Auto Body is ready to restore your good vintage car. We are equipped with the latest and best technology. Modern machinery, skilled mechanics, honest service are all parts of our armory.

Windshield and paint are important parts while restoring a car. Village Line Auto Body experts use high-quality windshield for your car while restoring it. Painting provides a decorative and protective layer to your car. We use top class primer paint after bodywork for your car. The painting work done at Village Line Auto Body will not only give a unique look to your car but also will prevent it from corrosion. Professional primer paint gives your car a stunning look.


Village Line Auto Body restores your car in the asked period of time with valid and honest efforts.

When it comes to Car restoration you can heavily rely on Village Line Auto Body.

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