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Village Line Auto Body - Best Auto Restoration Long Island Services Provider

Village Line Auto Body has been remarkably serving its customers for more than 50 years. We are a family-owned business possessing serious skills in Car Restoration, Collision services, and Auto Body repair. Our dedicated and committed employees have helped us earn the honor of the Best Auto Body Shop Long Island.

The state of the art facility of Auto Body Repair Long Island is equipped with the very best technology. We work with the finest quality Car liner frame machines, computerized measuring systems, and PPG paint finishes. Village Line Auto Body is complimented by the top of the line equipment and state of the art products. Each service you receive from Village Line Auto Body holds supreme quality at exceptionally moderate pricing and great reliability. We give outright zero opportunities to our clients for lament and objections.


Village Line Auto Body Repair Long Island does everything that makes your car the best and supreme. At Village Line Auto Body, you will enjoy the benefits of high-class services like Auto Body Paint and Refinishing services, Collision Repair Services, Custom Paint Services, Miscellaneous Services, and Towing Services.

We realize how chaotic and inconvenient it is for a car that has starting issues because of climate, collision, or electrical. To handle this Village Line Auto Body Shop Long Island gives 24-hour free towing administration to every one of our clients.


Being equipped with modern machinery and the best technology, we are confident that your vehicle will be repaired as a pre-damaged condition. Our technicians and engineers have immense knowledge of the field and do not procrastinate or hesitate to share the knowledge and answer the queries of customers. We provide a lifetime warranty on all repairs. Village Line Auto Body uses state of the art equipment and top-line material so that your car comes to the factory finish. All our customers have to face zero insurance hassles. We handle all paperwork and deal with the insurance companies directly.

Great Auto Restoration in Long Island!

Every day you look at your car and think of modifying or restoring it but end up clueless as you are unable to find the exact and ultimate solution to do so. Village Line Auto Body – The Best Auto Restoration in Long Island is the ultimate destination to restore your car completely and make it look more branded and new compared to the time of purchase.


The Car Restoration Long Island uses all forefront and best present-day machines for car restoration. We are certain that your vehicle will be gotten in pre-disaster condition with a lifetime assurance of fixes. Car liner frame machines, computerized measuring systems, and PPG paint finishes are all part of our arsenal in the process of finest Auto Restoration Long Island.

The Auto Restoration Long Island specialists who are working prominently for Car Restoration over the years can assist and guide you in all types of auto restorations. The guidance by specialists can add more style and luxury to your beloved vehicle. The output of the car restoration procedure at Village Line Auto Body will be style, boldness, durability, comfort, and many more. A step by step process of high-class car restoration at Auto Restoration in Long Island includes:

  • Car Detailing
  • Color Matching
  • Frame and Unibody Alignment
  • Body Work
  • Frame Work
  • Hard Parts Repair
  • Color Matching
  • Custom Color
  • Custom Mixing
  • And many more

Trustworthy Long Island Collision Service:

Look no further than Village Line Auto Body when it comes to the premier Long Island Collision Service. Whether it’s minor or major damage we ensure your vehicle is both operating properly and looks great. We have fixed collision issues to huge amounts of vehicles equivalent to a pre-impacted condition. Village Line Auto Body has been master for quite a long time in giving crash administrations to vehicles.


Our honest and timely-delivered services have honored us with the tag of most trusted Long Island Collision Service. At Village Line Auto Body your car will get repaired with all sorts of damages whether it is dented, refinishing, or color matching as per your needs that too at the best price.

The working of Collision services at Village Line Auto Body consists:

  • Body Work
  • Hard parts repair
  • Welding
  • Framework
  • Windshield repair, replacement
  • Paint
  • And many more

So if you are looking for the best collision repair, auto paint, dent repairs, restorations, or automotive glass repairs, look no further, Visit or Contact Village Line Auto Body Shop Today!

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